Malan Johansen
Executive Director
Tel. +298 226225

Malan Johansen has a Master’s degree in economics and business administration. She also has an MSc in management from Robert Gordon University and a diploma in journalism. In addition to serving as the Executive Director of the Governmental Bank, Malan is also Chair of the Faroe Islands Systemic Risk Advisory Council and Managing Chair of the Labour Market Pension Fund.

Jens Erik Magnussen
Far. +298 211980

Jens Erik Magnussen has a degrees in banking and commercial economics. He also has several diploma courses in finance, investment and management.
Area of responsibility: Investment and debt management.

Helen Højgaard Jacobsen
Far. +298 218651

Helen Højgaard Jacobsen has degrees in banking and accounting.

Area of responsibility: Accounting, investment oversight, liquidity, etc.

Kári Petersen
Far. +298 286508

Kári Petersen has a Masters degree in economics and an MBA from City University in London, England.
Area of responsibility: Investment and debt strategies, research and analysis.

Jonhard Eliasen
Far. +298 289992

Jonhard Eliasen has a Master’s degree in economics.
Area of responsibility: Statistical research and analysis of the financial sector.

Ester Hansen
Far. +298 741992

Ester Hansen has a Master's degree in economics.

Area of responsibility: Research and analysis.

Kristoffur J. Hentze

Kristoffur Johannes Hentze has a masters degree in economics from the University of Copenhagen.

Responsibility: Statistics and analysis.